Dr. Anna Suchodolska


As a gentleman-PR-company we have certain principles and responsibilities:

Our Principles

We are committed to working towards the best interests of all the stakeholders we cooperate with—employees, clients, governments andcitizens.

We are committed to creating and promoting effective business models.

We are committed to honesty, transparency and following legal obligations.

Our Responsibility to One Another

We are accountable for constantly developing our employees’ skills and deepening their knowledge about the industry and its new trends.

We are responsible for creating a healthy and safe work environment that would allow the full talents of our employees to be unleashed.

We are in charge of creating all necessary conditions that allow our employees to understand, follow and improve policies and procedures appropriatefor a gentleman-PR-company.

Our Responsibility to Our Stakeholders

We guarantee to our clients objective and independent advisory on their communication and marketing strategies.

We ensure that we have all necessary tools and resources to serve our clients’ interests.

We are responsible for avoiding conflicts of interest between our current and perspective clients.

We are committed to respecting the privacy of our clients since we consider it the highest value.

We are liable for following ethical rules and laws while co-operating with political parties and governmental agencies.

Our Responsibility to Industry and Society

We are dedicated to exploring new opportunities, constant experimentation and creating innovative trends.

We are responsible for implementing a flat organizational structure in our company and discussing its results with the public.

We feel obliged to defendhuman rights, inter aliathe freedom of speech.

We also think that the meaning and the place of communication rights in the paradigm of human rights should be rethought. Communication rights have been considered third-generation human rights, rights that are an emblem of ideal societies, positive rights, resource-intensive rights, non-justiciable rights, dream-rights. The debate on communication rights had a theoretical character. The concept has been neglected by researchers in academia and decision-makers. However, recent violations of these rights (domestic propaganda, information wars, the co-operation of social media platforms with intelligence agencies of different countries, etc.) have resulted in tectonic shifts within societies. So, the term communication rights should come back into political discourse.

We are enthusiastic about fighting against corruption; therefore, we follow legal and ethical practices. We respect antitrust laws that ensure fair competition in an open-market economy.

We are firm about respecting the laws in the countries where we run our businesses, including those that impose sanctions on certain political players.

Anna Suchodolska (PhD) is a a business fortune-teller and fortune-maker, an expert in communication and information politics, art aficionado, human rights enthusiast, polyglot, Atlanticist and Europhile.