Social Impact

We are admirers of a new business paradigm in which making a fortune is equally important to taking care of the world that surrounds us. We believe that companies should advocatefor social issuesand that investment into society and developing economies is profitable for allparties.

Therefore, we motivate, advise and support companies, foundations and non-profit organizations that invest their energy and funds into humanitarian activities, education, culture, human rightsandhealth care. We identify and describe their DNA as well as plan short-term and long-term activities that would reflect these companies’ mission.

Our team consists of mastercommunicators and CSR strategists who work extensively on world-class storytelling strategies. We specialize in:

Identifying, developing and promoting companies’ social identities throughdata analysis, narrative development, messaging and media engagement

Developing and promoting foundations and non-profit organizations, inter aliaadvising on fundraising activities

Outlining and implementing Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) programs

Advising on sustainability, human rights, and diversity & inclusion

Employee volunteerism

Participating in businessdevelopment and transformation

Anna Suchodolska (PhD) is a a business fortune-teller and fortune-maker, an expert in communication and information politics, art aficionado, human rights enthusiast, polyglot, Atlanticist and Europhile.