Public Affairs

Nowadays, we are observing certain changes on the map of political, ethnicand national identities (both individual and collective) and, therefore, the changes in communication of citizens with public institutions.

Furthermore, the communication order—the way people and institutions communicate, i.e. send and receive information—both in European and non-European countries has changed: the flow of communication has become less hierarchical, and the border between the communication-rich and the communication-poor has vanished.

People started to become aware of events on the ground faster and transmit information to others more quickly than before. Information has become a high-price commodity. These changes have also resulted in anincreasein the role of information politics in the era of social media.

We enable dialogue between ourstakeholders and citizens in Europe and Asia, in well-developed and developing economies, within conservative and liberal societies.

Anna Suchodolska (PhD) is a a business fortune-teller and fortune-maker, an expert in communication and information politics, art aficionado, human rights enthusiast, polyglot, Atlanticist and Europhile.