The digital world has become a competitor of the real world. Google and Facebook are more attractive for millions of people than other forms of entertainment. 2 million people use Facebook every month. 1.4 million people use it every day. Facebook has over 25,000 employees and offices in 13 US cities.

New technology solutions, thus, have changed the trajectories of societies’ development. All these tools can be both magic wandsfor those who can skilfully use them and a nightmare for those who cannot, and therefore become losersin the market. The success of many companies and private individuals (e.g., bloggers) depends on how well they adaptto the new technology world.

We help our customers to familiarize themselveswith the digital world: to transform their strategies or create new ones, to implement successful digital decisions and in thisway,to adopt to new market circumstances.

Anna Suchodolska (PhD) is a a business fortune-teller and fortune-maker, an expert in communication and information politics, art aficionado, human rights enthusiast, polyglot, Atlanticist and Europhile.