Dr. Anna Suchodolska


Anna Suchodolska is an expert in communication and information politics. She has made a successful career in human and social sciences at Warsaw University. Afterwards, Anna started her adventures in business. She has co-operated with Edelman, Ogilvy & Mather and Event Communication.

Anna Suchodolska boasts multiple talents and an extraordinary intuition. She is an enthusiastic researcher of consumers’ souls who can easily identify their needs. Anna Suchodolska creates original PR and, more widely, business strategies based on her findings. Anna is an active business matchmaker, connecting businesses with the media, governmental and non-governmental organizations as well as citizens.

Both Anna’s fluency in English, Polish, Russian, Belarussian, Ukrainian and Hebrew and her cosmopolitan views are the assets that allow her to work in various markets and offer solutions to clientswith high expectations.

Anna is a human rights enthusiast, Atlanticist and Europhile. She is curious about everything new.

Anna Suchodolska (PhD) is a a business fortune-teller and fortune-maker, an expert in communication and information politics, art aficionado, human rights enthusiast, polyglot, Atlanticist and Europhile.